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E-cigarettes or Electronic cigarettes are devices powered by battery and works by heating liquid that is inhaled or exhaled by the user. There can be many reasons for one to start vaping. You may start vaping to take off the habit of smoking or just to enjoy the pleasure of the vape juice or nicotine e liquid and have the true vaping experience. Despite your reason, let us learn all about vape juice there is to know.

What is E-liquid?

If you are dab hand or new to vaping, you will not find many people who are aware of what vape juice is. E-liquid or e-juice is another name for vape juice; it is a liquid that is used in the container of a vape or an e-cigarette that produces vape. This vapor is what you exhale or inhale in the process of vaping.

When the controlled composition heats the fluid, its liquid nature is then changed into vapor. Just like after heating water on a certain temperature, it evaporated and change into steam. Vape juice works just like that. Depending on your vaping kit, you will have a temperature preference. E-liquid can be heated to any temperature from 90°C to 200°C to change into a vapor.

Ingredients used in e-liquids

The following are the ingredients used in a vaping liquid.

Nicotine – many people consider that nicotine is the most dangerous element in vape juice or tobacco, but rather nicotine is the most addictive chemical. When you are unable to have the levels of nicotine that your brain has accepted, you begin to have intense cravings. The craving does not last long; let’s say for about 20 seconds or less. But for every second, your brain screams that you need to fix of nicotine.

You can even find nicotine in its natural state, which is called Nic Salts. You can add these nic salts to any e-liquid of your choice, which then absorbs better and gives you a stronger nicotine hit, which lasts longer.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) or Propylene glycol (PG)–one can easily get confused between VG and PG while choosing vape juice. Although you might find liquid manufacturers that mix both to have better results, Vg is an all-natural fluid extracted from the plant oil. It is clear, odorless, viscous, and a much thicker liquid with a hint of sweetness. It is used in a vape juice to create impressive clouds, and it delivers a lesser hit of flavor with impressive clouds. While PG is both odorless, colorless with low viscosity, i.e., a thinner liquid, it is an easy liquid for cartomizer, atomizer, and refilling purposes.

Food-grade flavoring

Here, you have many choices to form the right combo to make every vape a pleasant and flavorsome experience. One of the classic flavors used most frequently is menthol e-liquid because of its cool and refreshing flavor. There are many more categories like fruity, beverages, puddings, and more.

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