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Benefits, tips, & tricks related to the magnetic liner and eyelashes!

You know what!

You must have to try magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelashes if you like the look of falsies or lash extensions without fighting with glue and keep the stick. Magnetic eyeliner is a hypo-allergenic technique of applying fake eyelashes on your natural lash line instead of adhesive formulations. This magnetic eyeliner is a bit new to the cosmetic world.

Could you feel a little doubtful about magnetic lashes technically?

This blog post is splitting all information about magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes for you.

Magnetic eyeliner & its types:

The term magnetic eyeliner appears so high-tech, but in actual it is a very simple concept. Iron oxide is the magical ingredient used to produce these magnetic eyeliners. This iron oxide is a safe chemical that is usually used in makeup items like bronzer and lipsticks.

Along with iron oxide, other components present in magnetic eyeliner tube are:

  • Simethicone to condition and protect your skin
  • Dimethicone and castor oil to control the viscosity and provide smoothness to the eyeliner to glide easily and avoid clumping and groping
  • Vitamin E to nourish the skin

The magnetic eyeliner has two types: a liquid and a gel liner. Both formulations are black and brown in two colors. Black eyeliner is ideal for darker teeth or elegant looking gamblers. Brown eyeliner is perfect for a modest appearance or a fairer complexion. Clear magnetic eyeliner is a kind of liquid eyeliner that provides you with the freedom to avoid black liner onto your skin.

Benefits of magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes:

Here are some of the common benefits you can enjoy using Llama clear magnetic eyeliner and baby lash kit by Drama Llama:

  • There are no complicated steps and procedures that require putting on magnetic lashes. You can easily apply magnetic eyeliner on your own without following any further complicated methods.
  • These magnetic eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner are easily applicable. You can use 2 to 3 coats to keep the lashes stick as long as you want.
  • With magnetic eyeliner, you can use your magnetic eyelashes multiple times. With proper care, you can use your single magnetic lash pair 5 to 30 times.
  • Eyelash glue appears very sticky, messy, and just irritating. You don’t need any adhesive with your magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes.
  • Wearing magnetic lashes with magnetic eyeliner is a comfortable experience.

Tips and tricks to put on magnetic eyeliner:

The use of magnetic eyeliner in your makeup regimen works in general. Here are nevertheless some pointers to remember to get it all right:

  1. Practice makes perfect, and the same is the situation for magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes. Do practice, try experimenting with your makeup skills and have fun to achieve stylish and glamorous looks.
  2. Must dry your magnetic eyeliner 100% before applying it to your lashes. If your liner isn’t dry, the iron oxide will not attract the magnetic lashes properly.
  3. Keep patience!
  4. Don’t add your clear magnetic eyeliner to your magnetic falsies. When you feel like you have not had an amicable relationship, pop off and try again to get your desire looks.

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