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When thinking of shopping in Dubai, most of us imagine the high-end boutique malls that are famous for the international and local variety they stock.

Yes, shopping at these outlets is enjoyable as they offer a perfect combination of entertainment, dining, and retail experience.

However, the ‘city of gold’ also boasts numerous wholesale markets that buyers often turn to for quality products at affordable prices. These markets are an evidence of Dubai’s diverse culture where traders from all over the world stock products from their own country.

Here, take a look at some of the famous wholesale markets.

  1. Meena Bazaar

Bearing the name of a popular market in Delhi, India – the Meena Bazaar is the place to go to for Indian and Pakistani clothes, at varying costs.

The market is also adorned with a number of jewelry shops selling ornaments of diamonds and gold at affordable prices.

Besides shopping, visitors can also enjoy a meal at the Pakistan/Indian restaurants and cafes dotting the streets of Meena Bazar.

Address: Near Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street in Bur Dubai

Opening hours: Saturday- Thursday, 8:00am- 12am

  1. Dragon Mart

Dubbed as the China Wholesale in Dubai, the Dragon Mart features over 4000 stores selling different products including garments, accessories, home décor, toys, and gadgets. It houses one of the largest numbers of Chinese traders outside mainland china and is open to both – retail and wholesale customers.

Everything sold at the Chinese Manufactures wholesale in Dubai is made in China and on most occasions, you can find good quality products for an affordable price.

However, shopping here requires patience and time. Since many vendors sell similar products at varying rates, it is a good idea to look around thoroughly for the best prices. Additionally, the market for China wholesale in Dubai has a no return policy so it is best that the buyer assesses the quality thoroughly, especially when buying in bulk.

Address: Al Awir Road, International City

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday, 10:00am- 10:00pm

  1. Naif Souk Market

For local Arabic variety, head over to the Naif Souk Market where buyers can find unique Arabic clothing, jewelry, and accessories at both – retail and wholesale prices.

Several stalls are set up here as well where customers can get henna applications done. The Naif market is famous with locals and tourists both for providing some of the best quality cultural items.

Address:  Naif Street, Near Naif Police Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Opening hours: 8:30am- 11:30pm, seven days a week

Wholesale markets in Dubai

Dubai is known as the city of merchants and these markets are certainly bridging the gap between different countries. Besides being affordable, the wholesale market boasts some of the best antique and traditional products from their relevant country. Moreover, the Chinese manufacturers wholesale in Dubai and other markets provide visitors with a great opportunity to haggle so make sure you bargain as much as possible.

Check them out and let us know about your experience.

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