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It is natural for us to look for the perfect grill pizza stone which can provide a crispy crust as well as lots of flavors. However, finding the perfect pizza stone is not that easy after all. One particular brand of grill stone that can be directly used on your grill happens to be the Weber Pizza Stone, and in this article, we will be discussing this topic: Reviewing the Weber Pizza Stone: Is it the right grill stone for you?

The Construction

This Weber Pizza Stone has been manufactured from a cordierite material which is known to be a resilient substance having the capacity of retaining heat. You need to place it on the grill when it is cold, and it has to be heated for approximately 40 minutes before your pizza is grilled.

You can put the pizza directly on the surface of the baking stone once the stone attains the maximum temperature and then you can start the grilling process. Your pizza is going to be cooked by the stone in around 5 minutes although it will depend on the grill’s temperature. Sometimes the chefs have to confront with a common issue which is that the bottom of the pizza is often overcooked while the toppings remain undercooked. In such cases, it will be prudent to lower the temperature or you may even minimize the number of toppings that are being used on the pizza.

While you place a cold grill stone on a high heat directly, it can crack or break immediately since the cordierite material will not be able to withstand the heat fluctuations. Furthermore, there is a possibility for the stone to develop structured cracks on its surface in case you place a lot of cool temperature ingredients quite close to each other. Consequently, Weber advises its users not to place any frozen object on top of the hot stone.

Preparation and Cleaning

It is imperative to wash the Weber Pizza Stone comprehensively using water and it must also be dried completely so that we can use it on the grill. The majority of the chefs do not have much idea regarding this additional step of preparation and they end up not allowing adequate time for the pizza stone to become completely dry. There is a chance for the stone to crack easily once it is put on the grill after thoroughly cleaning and prepping it. This is not what the chefs actually like since they usually find that it is susceptible to cracking while coming in contact with the heat when they use it for the first time after the purchase.

Additional Accessories

The Weber Pizza Stone includes an innovative metallic holder with the intention of allowing the users to make the pizza directly on the stone and then transport it to the grill. However, one needs to be extremely careful while doing this so as to prevent the stone from slipping from the holder while transferring it.

The Final Verdict

In spite of being a decent pizza stone that can be used effectively with the Weber grill, you might find that the result is not that remarkable once the Weber Pizza Stone is used with other grill types. However, you can be assured of the fact that the Weber Pizza Stone will produce a brick oven pizza texture which is actually preferred by most of the pizza makers out there. One more thing that should be mentioned here is that the device is not that resilient as claimed by the manufacturer since it can easily develop crack while cooking. Thus we can conclude this review by asserting that the Weber Pizza Stone is by no means the best grill pizza stone on the market given that it is vulnerable to developing cracks because of temperature fluctuations.

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