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Getting a new pet is one of the happiest events in your life. Whether it is a dog, a cat or a hamster: living with an animal is just so much fun. But before you can make your house their home, it is important to prepare yourself and your house. To make sure that your new furry friend will be comfortable and safe. No worries. It is totally understandable if you don’t yet know what is necessary to purchase. To get you started you can read this article in which the three most important categories are listed and explained. For any further questions, you can always visit a pet store near you, like Vetsend. That way, you’ll make sure that nothing important will be forgotten.

Food and treats

Of course, you wouldn’t forget the food and drinks, but it was important to include them in this list. Because there are a lot of different foods and treats you could get for your new pet. And how do you know what your new dog or cat likes? The best advice is to not worry too much, and try a few different foods. Just like children, your pets will show you what they like and what they don’t like. Take your time in the pet store to check the nutritional benefits, and obviously keep the age of your pet in mind.

Toys and games

Toys are important for almost every pet, maybe with the exception of the goldfish. For your cat and dog, good toys will give them a sense of security and home. That means that your new pet will develop a stronger connection to its surroundings. Purchase a few toys upfront and see which toys your pet plays with most. And don’t forget to add at least two toys or games you can play together. That way, your pet will develop a connection with you too, which will deepen the relationship between you two.

A place to sleep

It is important that your pet has its own place to rest, even though you might allow him/her to sleep on the couch or bed. A place to sleep is, for most pets, a safe place that is theirs alone. Especially in the beginning, this is very important. Don’t place the bed in a busy spot, but choose a room in the house where there is room. Generally, it is a good idea to avoid the kitchen and opt for a corner of the living room instead. This way, your pet will be part of the family even when they’re asleep.



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