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Living is not enough…it is also essential to celebrate life with every new day. Sunshine, freedom, and a little flower is a perfect recipe for making fun pie. Adding colorful fresh flowers around your home is a beautiful way to promote well-being. Adding fresh flowers in your interior is so refreshing, but sometimes it is not just possible.

Nature is getting quite expensive now are buying fresh flowers regularly is an expensive matter to deal with. But to fulfill the desire of visual joy of color pops in your house, using wood flowers is a very good option.

Wood flowers:

These wood flowers are also known as sola wood flowers. These are made from Sesbania wood with the advantages of nature touch texture, eco-friendly, and oil absorptive properties these are used for various purposes such as wedding bouquets; sola flower diffusers, artificial flower arrangements, and decorative items.

Home decor with wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers boost the inside environment of your house with its charismatic features.

  • Natural appearance:

Sola wood flowers enhance the interior of your house in the most affordable way and because of their natural appearance they simply look amazing.  No one can easily identify the difference between real and sola wood flowers.

  • Versatility:

Sola wood flowers have a great ability to get fit perfectly in any kind of floral arrangement. Whether you are looking for Elliptical, cascade, or any kind of geometrical flower arrangement, sola wood flowers are just the perfect choice to set in your desired pattern.

  • Long lasting:

No matter what sort of tricks you use or what you do to keep original flowers looking fresh for as long as possible, it’s a fact that you cannot enjoy them for more than a week. Wood flowers will have the same look for years to come. By following some simple maintenance instructions you can keep them forever. Although they are not going to wilt careless handling can damage them.

  • Multiple options:

Wood flowers can be used in a variety of situations. Keep them as decoration items in your house, make arrangements to keep in your place of work, or use them as a bridal bouquet on your wedding day.

  • Reed Diffusers:

Sola flowers are an amazing option to use as an air freshener. These flowers work great with home fragrance by soaking it from a fragrance bottle. Rattan reeds or ropes absorb the aroma and wood flowers diffuse it in the air. These reed diffusers provide a scent that lasts more than a candle scent. These sola wood reed diffusers relieve and reduce stress, improve mood by invigorating, and use to relieve anxiety.

  • No allergy at all:

Wood flowers are available in every color and every style you dream for so you can have different floral arrangements in every room. These have no pollen issues so you can use these without getting worried about bothering a loved one who is allergic to original flowers.


WOODFLOWERS.COM has an experience of 25years in floral designing and we have an aim to bring the beauty and lasting nature of wood flowers in the world.

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