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You have decided to enter into the relation of marriage and are now looking for the perfect engagement ring for your future? To find the perfect engagement ring, we have put together 7 tips for choosing the right engagement ring.

You want to buy a great engagement ring? With our tips, you are guaranteed to find the Nico Mari jewelry!

Tip 1: Buy an engagement ring – which color fits best?

The choice of the right precious metal depends on the hair color, the skin tone and the preferences of the woman. If the sweetheart likes to wear gold jewelry, choose an engagement ring in the color yellow gold. If your friend has various favorite alloys, the metal will adjust to the hair color or skin tone.

To blond and fair skin color is particularly well a warm, bright yellow, such as 750 yellow gold or a delicate rose. A darker type fits perfectly white gold or 950 platinum. The light coolness of the material is a nice contrast to the colors.

Tip 2: The sparkling brilliance of the gems

To the color of the engagement ring should also fit the incorporated gemstone. The choice of the right gemstone can be made according to the metal alloy, the eye color, the personal taste or even the choice of clothing.

To a warm alloy, such as yellow gold, the brilliant is an absolute classic.

diamond ring is ideal for an engagement ring and gives the right amount of brilliance at the right moment. Yellow gold and ruby ​​or yellow gold and sapphire are popular combinations.

Metals such as silver, white gold and platinum are among others the brilliant, a pink tourmaline and a green emerald.

3rd tip: Big or small gem desired?

The size of the right gem depends on the shape of the finger, the size of the body and the preferences of the woman. Some small women love large pieces of jewelry and therefore you should be inspired by the wearing habits of the girlfriend or take a look in the jewelry box.

Tip 4: The simple determination of the ring size

There are several ways to determine the ring size. The easiest way is to measure the inner diameter of a matching ring of the girlfriend. By multiplying the inside diameter by the number μ (3,142) you get the exact ring size of your girlfriend.

Tip 5: Your love message

Give this important moment in your life, the marriage proposal, that certain something with a personal message in the form of an engraving. There are moments in a relationship that you want to hold on to. Maybe you have a special date, a nickname or just choose the name. This can be engraved in the ring rail.

  1. Tip: Diamonds are a girl`s best friend

How many gems should it be? In an engagement ring, the stone should be the eye-catcher and does not necessarily need distraction by many small stones. The typical engagement ring consists of a large solitaire stone. Of course, with a diamond, “man” is always right, because Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Tip 7: Each model has its own style

If your friend is very feminine with beautiful curves, the shape of the model should be rather soft, with rounded edges and a wider ring band should be chosen. Is your partner very slim and sporty, we recommend a simpler narrow ring band with a large gemstone.


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