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A lot of people run into the issue of dealing with their trinkets and accessories. From the piles of books that are crammed in your bookshelves to the numerous souvenir items that you’ve accumulated over the years, there’s a lot of them that you want to keep. But instead of looking like you’ve got your life together, it just ends up looking like you’re a hoarder of multiple unorganized things.

Before you start organizing your things, you have to keep in mind that you should be open to letting go of some of your trinkets, mainly if they’ve run their course in your home or if they don’t have anything to do with you in the now. Once you’ve set your mind to it, it’s time to get your room, and your life, in working order.

Storing books

Books and magazines are a staple of any household. Ranging from local directories to your favorite novels, everyone has a pile of books lying around their home. Storing them can be a bit tricky as you wouldn’t want to make your room into a library unless it’s intended to be a library, but you also can’t have too few of them; otherwise, it’ll look like you misplaced them. Try to mix things up by placing both stacks of books together with trinkets such as clocks, figurines, or other totems to put texture into your wall spaces.

Packing jewelry and hanging necklaces

Jewelry boxes are for earrings, bangles, bracelets, and rings, but necklaces should be left to hang.

Necklaces should always be hung, and not stored in boxes as they might get tangled with each other like last year’s Christmas lights. Having a corner in your bathroom or bedroom dresser for your jewelry will keep you from running around and guessing if your last outfit had it stuck in the pocket. Ordering custom bulk pop sockets can make for great alternatives to traditional hooks or pins on corkboards. They come in different colors and models which can be great accents to a themed room.

Displaying fragile items

Delicate items such as porcelain or pottery are delicate pieces of décor. Depending on how you want to keep these fragile items, you might want to consider where to place them to achieve an attractive yet subtle presence in the room.

Pottery and statues are huge and bulky but should never be in the middle of a path or a hallway. Having them placed close next to cabinets, sofas, or similar furniture that they can ‘lean on’ can keep these fragile items out of harm’s way while also giving some depth to your room’s shape.

Smaller pieces such as figurines or snow globes are great accessories for tabletops especially if you have different items for different seasons. If you’re going to be expecting children as guests, then it might be a better option to keep them out of arm’s reach on top of cupboards or cabinets.

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