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The evolution of internet has made it possible to migrate each and every business to the online platform. This migration has not only increased the number of buyers but also introduced numerous competitors. The online medical store has become a booming industry in the recent past that has visualized a large customer base for last few years.

Customers can easily make a purchase for versatile products from online stores, but when it comes to the online pharmacy, there are numerous doubts that sprout in your mind. And some fo these pointers even dispel you from buying medicines online.

So, here are some of the commonly asked queries related to the online pharmacy along with their best response.

Is Prescription Compulsory to buy Online Medicines?

Well, there is a limited number of online pharmacies that allows you to buy genuine medicine/drugs. Canadian Pharmacy Online stores are authorized under FDA that can only deliver medicines if you have uploaded a genuine prescription. So, if you find the website that asks for the prescription before buying medicines, you can stay assured of its authenticity. Instead, there are some fake web stores that sell fake medicines and don’t even require a prescription.

How can you share your prescription?

As mentioned, you need to share your prescription before buying medicines online. But most of you get confused to find the right way of sharing the prescription. Well, the best-suited format of sharing the prescription is uploading the same on the web store. You are asked to upload the prescription that you can use. Even if you are unable to do so, you can send your prescription through email or fax. Different online pharmacy stores allow different sharing mediums that you can choose accordingly.

How long does it take for home delivery?

Here you should know that different web stores have different delivery timings that they showcase whenever you check out your medicines. Different medicines have a different delivery period. So, you can check the delivery time once you reach the checkout stage. But as a matter of competition, every online pharmacy store tends to delivery you medicines in minimum possible time. So, it takes maximum 10-15 days to deliver the medicines right at your doorstep.

What are the available payment modes?

Today, as the world is getting digitized, it’s easy for everyone to use different payment modes at any point of time. When it comes to purchasing online medicines, you are also offered with multiple payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Checks, Money orders, etc. However, online firms may sort these payment modes based on their compatibility and availability.

Now, most of your queries are done and you can now easily proceed further to purchase medicines online. Here you need to encounter the authenticity of a website through different ways including online reviews, authorized listing, FDA approval, etc. that will ensure correct purchase of medicines. So, all in all, investing some time in selecting the right online pharmacy is important to get genuine medicines right at your doorstep.

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