By | 20-04-2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, online shopping has become a popular past-time for many people, which in the long run turned into an essential activity while most of us are staying home for safety or while we are working from home. Around the world, online shopping has become a widespread because consumers are finding it a convenient and easy way to shop for clothing, home furnishings, electronics, groceries, and even automobiles. Like social media, shopping online is providing a type of inexpensive entertainment that’s available anytime and anywhere.

People derive pleasure form shopping online. Although, oftentimes shopping has become  a compulsive activity, it obviously makes us happy and it can also be a tress-reliever – much needed amidst this pandemic to help us stay sane and focused. This joy of online shopping has created an endless supply of customers, and along with the trend are influencers of the online shopping or e-commerce niche.

Many big name retailers with online sites post new products daily, so there’s an endless supply of new, exciting merchandise for shoppers. It’s easy to find expensive designer labels, as well as less expensive, especially in fashion and clothing. E-commerce platforms offer overwhelming selection of products both essential and non-essential. With the endless choices in e-commerce, who wouldn’t want to shop online from the convenience of home? Heading to the mall can be fun, but it can also be exhausting, especially with kids in tow or after a long day at the office. Online shopping, indeed, offers something for everyone.

With the rise of customers in e-commerce sites, resulted in the rise of influencer marketing, too that are focused in the promotion of products from every shops especially food, groceries, small appliances and other daily essentials. Apart from being influencers and ambassadors, the KOLs also become affiliates of the platform which give them better ways to earn a few bucks.

Amidst this pandemic, you would be surprised how beauty and fashion is still in even in online shopping. The shirts and shorts matched with a head band and/or face mask of the same fabric or design and color has been a trend. Rejuvenating sets are still popular until now when most beauty clinics are still closed or have closed or are still in a partial operation. The difficulty of staying physically distant led to the rise in the popularity of DIY options in the beauty scene. Even though restrictions has been eased out and vaccines for the virus have been inoculated to millions of people round the world, a lot of people are still not comfortable getting in-salon beauty treatments. This trend in fashion and beauty are backed up by social media influencers because they also find this thing interesting and worth sharing to their followers.

These changes in online activities are likely to last longer than we imagine. Most people will still continue shopping online, focusing on essential products in the future. This period of isolation and uncertainty has changed consumers’ shopping behaviors. The trend is clear, from bulk-buying, people turn to online shopping. With e-commerce, people are changing what they’re buying, when, and how.

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