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Do you want a professional massage at home at any time of the day? It is a dream that is becoming accessible to the greatest number due to range of relaxation spa chairs. If you think that choosing a quality massage chair is not easy then follow the guide, we will help you to make the choice that suits you.

What is a massage chair?

Particularly popular in Asia where it was invented, the massage chair is now more and more popular in Western countries. This armchair, with remarkable comfort, is distinguished by its ability to reproduce the techniques of professional hand massagers thanks to its unique features.

Its features are many and constantly improve with the development of new technologies specific to this discipline. Gradually, it is becoming a punctual alternative to massage institutes by becoming an effective remedy to relieve fatiguestress or specific points of tension.

Generally a massage chair is composed of one or more motors, a gear, a roller, and air cushions (compressions). The basic functions are the production of heat, vibrations and the action of the massage balls in the chair. The most realistic are equipped with massage balls that can do many movements, because they can move and act in several directions, and reproduce the equivalent movement of the hands of a therapist.

Why a massage chair?

These pedicure chairs have many advantages, both for your body and for your budget.

Indeed, inspired by the movements of a professional masseur, they offer benefits close to a manual massage performed institute. Each chair model offers moreover several programs and this to adapt to your personal requirements and the level of comfort desired at a specific time of the day. For use in the office or at home, it will adapt to your schedule for greater flexibility. Easy to use and relaxation is now just at your fingertips.

The different types of massages:

Heat massage: Targeted on the lower back and especially the lumbar.

Massage by tapping: very sweet and delicious massage that simulates a tapping expert hands all along your spine (shoulders, back, legs).

Kneading: circular massage that aims to relieve all the tension of the back muscles, strengthening the muscles and releasing tension.

Tapping: Very gentle and delicious massage that simulates a pat of expert hands all along your spine. Your respiratory system will be stimulated for a better general oxygenation of your organism.

Dual-action: Perfect meeting between massage tapping and massage kneading, their respective functions will combine for effects multiplied.

Shiatsu massage: A technique that has become a must in the best massage parlors and is now accessible at home. It simulates precisely the movement of the fingers of a professional massager by walking around your back and striving in particular to emphasize the strategic points of acupuncture.

Pummeling Massage: Massage stimulating the passage of the fingers along the back, for a revitalizing effect and a better circulation.


Swedish massage: Swedish massage helps promote well-being relaxation and improved circulation. It is a combination of different massage techniques. The movement always follows the direction of the blood circulation and goes to the heart.

What criteria must be taken into account when choosing a massage chair?

The criteria for choosing a massage chair

1) Your morphology should be considered in your choice. Your body size, height, and age will affect which model to choose. Check the dimensions of the chair in its different positions, especially if you are tall so that your head can be correctly positioned.

2) For more comfort make sure your chair is reclining and offers different relaxation positions.

3) Check that the access to the controls is easy, it will avoid you to have to contort you to change programs or to use another function.

4) The presence of a footrest is not negligible, it will offer you better support of the whole body.

5) Beyond the aesthetic aspect of your massage chair, the choice of which is personal, the choice of the coating is less arbitrary. Indeed, if the leather remains a value by its resistance to wear, it should however be maintained regularly to keep its brilliance. Less expensive and very resistant to time, faux leather, or synthetic leather, can be an interesting alternative.

6) Types of massages: Proposed: according to your expectations, you will not orient yourself towards the same model of massage chair. Shiatsu, heating or rolling, compare the different options of each massage chair.

6) The budget you want to spend on the purchase of your massage chair will certainly be decisive in this choice.

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