By | 27-02-2018

Your teen’s been accepted to her college of choice and you’ve ironed out all the details on tuition, books, and housing. While the biggest obstacles have been met you still have one chore left before move in day: getting everything your teen will need to live in the dorm for the next year. While you’re specific college dorm needs and rules may be different, here are some key areas you’ll need to cover before your new adult is ready to move:

Bedroom items: besides sheets, blankets, and pillows you should consider a mattress pad and cover. Some college-friendly websites such as Our Campus Market offer complete dorm packages and you can also find a Our Campus Market coupon to save money on package deals.

Bath needs: Besides towels, soaps, lotions, and hair care items look for handy carrying totes to put them in. Because your teen will be sharing a bathroom or using a dorm shower she’ll appreciate having an easy way to carry her bath needs.

Kitchen stuff: A dorm fridge is a necessity, and if allowed a microwave and coffeemaker, too. Even if your teen doesn’t drink coffee or tea a coffeemaker can be used for instant hot water to make hot chocolate or instant soups.

Miscellaneous things: A desk lamp, trash can, hamper, and over-the-door organizers will all be appreciated in a size-challenged dorm room. Likewise, think of office supplies, dry erase boards, wall mount gum for posters, and other accessories that will make life easier.

Keep it clean: Some basic cleaning products, a broom and dust pan, and a small vacuum will all come in handy. Paper towels and toilet paper are always needed, and if your teen will be doing laundry on campus add some laundry soap, dryer sheets, a couple of laundry baskets, and a roll or two of quarters to your dorm room shopping list.

Check with your teen’s college for a complete list of suggested items, and remember to shop online at Our Campus Market to avoid the in-store rush for college dorm supplies!


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