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The polo shirt is a staple in many men’s wardrobes. Its versatility means it can be worn as part of a casual outfit or for smarter occasions. It was Rene Lacoste’s tennis uniform that inspired the polo shirt, and its popularity is timeless. We’re here to advise on how to turn a polo shirt into five style choices.

New Preppy

The classic polo shirt, inspired by Rene Lacoste, has survived through years of fashion trends. Today you’re still likely to see the iconic crocodile spotted on many shirts, and the preppy look is perfect for a casual summer style. Pair your polo with white chinos and wear it untucked for a relaxed look.

Sports Luxe

Look in any menswear magazine and you’ll find the sports luxe look. It’s everywhere and for good reason. The polo shirt fits with the style and can be paired with jogging trousers or harem pants to complete the look.

Beach Vacation

Polo shirts are a must-have for a beach holiday. They’re light and airy as well as stylish. Pure cotton pique jersey is the way to go, and reverse collars work great if you’re rocking a fedora hat. Blues and whites combined with brighter colours complete the beach theme.

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Dressed Up

Say goodbye to the days when a shirt and tie were essential and embrace the long-sleeve polo. It’s perfect for evening occasions when paired with a two-piece cotton suit. If you’re feeling bold, then combine different colours. For a more casual look wear a bomber jacket or blazer.

Retro Knit

Steve McQueen and James Dean were style icons, and you can recreate their timeless style with a knitted polo. Wear with a leather jacket for an edgy look or in winter wear a long-sleeve knitted polo.

Further Tips

. Choose fitted polos but not tight.
. Instead of tucking the shirt fully into the shorts, go for the half-tuck look.
. Stick to neutral colours for evening occasions and bold shades for daytime.
. Avoid designer names and go for a more modest look.
. Sandals, loafers and white sneakers are the optimum footwear choice when wearing a polo shirt.

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