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Ah, leather! What is not to love about this romantic fabric?  Imagine this fabric in the magical, mysterious shade of black, swathed over you in the form of a dress, doesn’t it make you look drop-dead gorgeous? That is the wonder of the black jacket in all its glory.

A Bit Of History

These customised leather jackets has been around even before the start of the sixteenth century. A highly expensive fabric because the lace was made from gold, linen, silk, or silver threads and was painstakingly handcrafted.

It was only affordable to royalty and members of noble families. Now that leather is mass-produced, and made of cotton, or synthetic threads, mere mortals can experience the mysticism of this material as well.

Black jackets come in all lengths and silhouettes, and there is that one pretty black leather jacket for every time and occasion.

Short and flirty, long and glamorous, sweet and demure, or sexy, there is that ideal black lace dress for every lady out there.

Pattern Of The Lace

Pretty, flowery, delicate vines are what comes to your mind when you think about lace. Not so much, as geometric lace patterns are very popular for giving off that feminine, yet bad-ass attitude.

Sleeve Length

A short-sleeved lace dress is just the right match for the young at heart. It is apt for a day at the races, pair it with some over the top accessories to make up for the simplicity of the sleeves. Get your hands-on black leather jackets in Melbourne for that fashionable outing at the racecourse.

Strappy lace dresses are great for a twirl around the park on a gorgeous, sunny day. The mid-length lace sleeves without any lining give a dramatic effect to any lace dress.

Sleeveless lace black dresses make for wonderful office partywear, given its no-nonsense look.

Length & Hemline

The length of any dress let alone a lace dress determines its wearability. Go for the ultra-short, fitted dress to flaunt that toned, sexy figure of yours.

The knee-length dress with a scalloped hemline is perfect for the elegant lady. Knee-length dresses with a gathered waist are wonderful for an outdoor day party

Long, yards of black lace with a sweetheart neckline is just the right choice to make people take a second look at that formal ball.


A dress with a satin lining and a lace overlay makes for the perfect romantic outfit. The pattern and design of the dress determine the placement of the lining on a black lace dress.

Leather jackets play peekaboo against your skin and give off ethereal vibes! What more reasons do you need to lay your hands on one?

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