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Just like humans, pets can also experience many health issues. Such issues might include insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, pain, inflammation and so on. CBD or also known as cannabidiol supplements can become an excellent way of helping your pets to overcome their health disorders, as CBD offers same level of effects for pets, like in humans.

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Buying Right CBD for Your Pets

There are many factors that you must consider while choosing CBD products for your pets. Some are listed below.

  • Do not purchase such supplements that contain the products of the hemp seed oil, as there will be no or minimal presence of CBD in them.
  • Look for companies offering their CBD products with COA (Certificate of Analysis). The products with COA are such options that have been tested by third party labs and are with no or minimal side effects. Such products will also come with the promised amounts of CBD and will be available at affordable price range.

CBD Intake in Animals

While giving CBD supplements to your dogs, it is necessary that you should know exactly about what you are doing. The suggested dosage of the CBD supplement for a pet is decided based on its overall body mass. Normal preference of CBD intake in animals will be 2 to 20mg/kg (2.2 pounds).

Liquid form of CBD or also known as CBD oil is the right supplement for the dogs and cats, as the oil form is easy to ingest. All you have to do is mix the suggested dosage of oil in the food or even the drinking water of your pets. If your dog or cat is not following the right food intake cycle, then you can even drop the suggested dosage of CBD oil into the mouth of your pet, with the help of the pet feeders.

Working Principle of CBD in the Body of Pets

Endocannabinoid System or also known as ECS is present in all the mammals. The main work of this system is to take care of the body functions such as reproduction, digestive and immune system, sleep, pain response, motor skills, and so on.

ECS work with the help of two types of receptors namely CB1 and CB2. When your pets experience inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other such issues, then it means that the receptors of ECS have been hindered in their regular functioning, and are in need of a boost from some external supplement. It is when CBD comes to help.

When taken in the suggested dosage, the components present in CBD binds onto the CB1 and CB2 receptors and unlocks the blockages in them, which are causing them to malfunction, and enhances their working factor. This in-turn takes care of the health issues in pets.

CBD oil is the best supplement for both cats and dogs. Before starting the CBD cycle for pets, it is strictly suggested to consult your vet.

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