By | 16-06-2020

It’s almost holiday time for meeee – woohoo! It feels like a lifetime since I last felt the sun shining on my skin (it’s been since April – I live in Manchester need I say more) and I’m so excited to get packing and head off! First things first, neon bikinis, strappy sandals and my trusty Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

But one thing that bugs me is how expensive it is to actually get a suitcase onto a plane – ain’t nobody got the time (or spare dollar) for that. I’m all about that cramming everything into the on-board luggage life. To prep for my holibobs, I was tasked by my friend with styling up just one skirt in two ways – to show you guys how easy it is to be versatile without taking your entire wardrobe with you, and what do you know? They were correct – it wasn’t as hard as I thought!

I chose this mega thigh high split skirt to style up (I do love a challenge…) and paired it with this amazing embroidered t-shirt for a day-to-night look. Literally from beach to bar with the fringing, right? Throw a mesh tee over your bikini and you’re good to go! A maxi is also perfect for wearing different shoe styles – be it platforms, flats or heels and the thigh high splits make it even easier to wear whatever shoes you want without looking like your mum in the early nineties.

Yesterday I showed you a more chilled look as challenged by the gals in my flat, but today i’m really getting into Ibiza mode! I’m still feeling’ those beachy vibes with this fringed maxi, but absolutely loved spicing it up a little for those nighttime feels. I’m so excited I just can’t wait, eek!

I actually also have this bodysuit in white (one reason why I love black so much) so switching’ it up really wouldn’t be difficult. All about saving’ that suitcase space and having more money for a few cocktails on the beach! Whether it’s Nikki Beach or just the beach, some looks can be so versatile that you wouldn’t look out of place at either – the beauty of the maxi skirt!

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